Ivo Prato, born 1967, lives in Berne/Switzerland. 

‘During my childhood I played classical music with the clarinet. Impressed by the many possibilities and ways jazz allows for a spontaneous and interactive interplay with a heavily influence of improvisation I then later changed to Jazz and to the saxophone. Since 1988 I work as a musician and music teacher. I studied at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern with the saxophone (ts) as my main instrument. After having taught students at a music school for over 16 years, I am now teaching private lessons and additionally, give classes during the international Jazz Workshop in Langnau www.jazz-nights.ch since 2008 and since 2018 at Jazz Workshop Interlaken. My music is largely rooted in Jazz but I remain open to different styles. I work in many different bands and projects, nationally and internationally. With different events, the management, writing compositions, a course book and teaching the work is various and covers many aspects’. 


Some projects:
Swiss Diagonal Tour 1999
Musical entertainment 50 Years DEZA
Different Events
​Buskers Bern 2014 street music festival
Cartoon festival Langnau
Swiss Jazz School Big Band
Symphony Orchestra Bern BSO (various engagements)
Rock & Blues Cruise 2018
Chica Torpedo
Dussex' Soultrain
Deep Submarine
Ivo Prato's Fingerprints

Picture by S. Marthaler

tenor-, soprano-, alto-, baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute

Picture by P. Corbat