Ivo Prato was born 1967 in Switzerland and currently lives in Bern. During his childhood he played classical music with the clarinet. Impressed by the many possibilities and ways jazz allows for a spontaneous and interactive interplay with a heavily influence of improvisation Ivo then later changed to the saxophone. Since 1988 he works as a musician and music teacher. He studied at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern with the saxophone (ts) as his main instrument. After having taught students at a music school for over 16 years, he is now teaching private lessons and additionally, gives classes during the international Jazz Workshop in Langnau www.jazz-nights.ch since 2008. His music is largely rooted in Jazz but he remains open to different styles. He works in many different bands and projects, nationally and internationally. He is performing in clubs, musicals, films, at festivals, fashionshows, readings, parties, celebrations, ceremonies, exhibitions and many other occasions.

Some projects:
Swiss Diagonal Tour 1999
Musical entertainment 50 Years DEZA
Different Events
​Buskers Bern 2014 street music festival
Cartoon festival Langnau
Swiss Jazz School Big Band
Symphony Orchestra Bern BSO (various engagements)
Rock & Blues Cruise 2018
Chica Torpedo
Dussex' Soultrain
Deep Submarine
Ivo Prato's Fingerprints

Picture by S. Marthaler

tenor-, soprano-, alto-, baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute

Picture by P. Corbat