​Picture by S. Marthaler


Demo-Medley Event-Music (diverse)                


Sita (A. Bugs)

On A Clear Day (B. Lane)                                      

Isn't She Lovely (S. Wonder)                                              


Shuffle Blues                                                          


Cafe (A. Piazzolla)

Favorite Things (R: Rodgers)

Outra Vez (L. Almedia)                                         


Spanish Love Song (Ch. Haden)

When Sunny Gets Blue (Fischer / Segal)

Wonderful World (Weiss / Thiele)                     


Do (Ivo Prato, ss)

Do (Ivo Prato, ts)                                                  


Little Lady Intro (Ivo Prato)

Little Lady (Ivo Prato)                                           


Fields (Ivo Prato)

Arabiata (Ivo Prato)                                              




Dussex' Soultrain Thun 2018

klapparat BeJazzSommer 2016

klapparat Trailer Buskers 2014

klapparat Buskers Strassenmusik-Festival 2014​​

klapparat Arabiata (Ivo Prato) 2014

klapparat Half Way `Round The World (J. Maag) 2014

klapparat Bolero (M. Ravel) 2014

klapparat Blubber (M. Wenger) 2014

klapparat Klappern (M. Wenger) 2014

Vieng Pham Trio

Gran Purismo Lluvia

HUK's ELEVEN Love For Sale

HUK's ELEVEN Lady Bird

HUK's ELEVEN Sposin'...


Picture by M. Kohler

Picture by S. Marthaler

                                    Recorded 2020     


                        Recorded 2017


                                    Recorded 2016

Tilting Axis describes the inclination of the rotation of a celestial body. Similar to the one of the earth which causes the four seasons, the tilting inclination of the music offers a special drive. On its new album, the band klapparat balances on a fine axis between the aesthetics of traditional jazz and a new sound galaxy. Ten of ist compositions have been writen by the band members themselves. The CD was released end of February 2017 (Unit Records 4770).

More Info:

                        Recorded 2014

​This creative saxophone quintet with a drummer runs the whole gamut of these fascinating apparatuses. As refreshing and vociferous as how Adolphe Sax, their inventor, must have burst onto the scene in Belgium 200 years ago. Give it a listen! 
​(BuskersBern 2014)

More Infos:

                        Recorded 2017

Hansueli Krähenbühl (tp,flh) Sandro Häsler (tp,flh) Rolf Häsler (ss,as) Fredi Krähenbühl (ts,fl) Ivo Prato (ts) Cornel Studenach (bs) Vincent Lachat (tb) Stephan Urwyler (g) Jérôme De Carli (p) Hans Ermel (b) Roland Bürki (dr)

​​​​​                        Homegrown 2010

                                   Recorded 2008 at radio studio 2 DRS (SRF) Zürich

More Info: ​​

                                   Recorded 1997

Ivo Prato the musician to date I`ve known the longest. Able to play an earthy solid tenor sax that perfectly transports this aspect of our music. Note also his serpentine like soprano work. In a way he was most familiar with my ideas and helped making them come true. (​Liner notes)