Picture by S. Marthaler


...Ivo Prato is a highly expressive musician and enthuses the audience with his soul-rooted saxophone play.
...At the front row Ivo Prato from Berne who was capable of eliciting the hottest sounds as if the instrument were a extroversion of his soul.

...Immediately, saxophonist Ivo Prato appealed with his full-hearted and robust tone.

...and it was exactly Ivo Prato with his wonderful tone and his cultivated play who convinced most. More reserved to begin with he then changed to a more spirited expression during the concert and was able to effortlessly squeeze out the endmost of his instrument. The looseness of the five musicians was a pure joy! Towards the end of the gig the easyness increased and gave way to an exuberance which culminated in the five friends giving their encore before they even had a chance to step off the stage - a concert that is truly lingering on!"
...Already during the second song the master musicians had a blast..."Ivo, you play as if tomorrow playing the saxophone will be forbidden". Continuously, Ivo Prato acted as the locomotive that ignited the roaring of the jazz spirit.